Friday, October 12, 2012

SABC Media Libraries hand over gift voucher to Woodside Sanctuary, made possible by Jungle One Hour Projects

 The SABC Media Libraries have been involved with Woodside Sanctuary since the SABC Media Libraries' 67 minutes at Woodside in 2011.
Woodside Sanctuary has been part of the SABC Media Libraries' CSI projects.

They are doing such a wonderful job looking after people with severe to profound mental and physical disabilities. The link is here: Woodside

Jungle Oats has a campaign running called the Jungle One Hour Projects. A gift voucher that was lost in a Jungle One Hour win, resurfaced again.
(In the meantime Jungle One Hour projects replaced the lost gift voucher.)

Jungle One Hour Projects agreed that this voucher could be used towards another Jungle One Hour Project, namely Woodside Sanctuary.

We are extremely grateful that the CSI Committee of the SABC Media Libraries could hand it over today!

Thank you, Jungle One Hour Projects!

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