Tuesday, June 9, 2015

International Archives Day #IAD15

One of the oldest reel tapes in the SABC Radio Archives - from 1926

1926 Speeches by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick & Gen JBM Hertzog
from SABC Radio Archives

This year International Archives Day focus on democracy and rights, but also sharing photos from Archive collections worldwide.

Spanish archives are celebrating with the hashtag #NoSinArchivos (#NotWithoutArchives)

The SABC Radio Archives shares the following from the audio archives - with the focus on democracy.

The top five reasons why archives are awesome are a great way to celebrate this day!

1. Archives are history!

2. Archives are evidence!

3. Archives are vital for democratic accountability!

4. Archives are about us, our stories, or lives!

5. Archives document the environment!
                                 Read here for the in-depth discussion: Archives Outside

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Librarian review: THE POWER OF PRAYING WOMAN, by Stormie Omartian

The power of a praying woman

"Just like 'God's Word for the Single Believer' I don't really regard this as a book that I've 'read', but will perhaps continue to refer back to it for the rest of my days. 

It was on page 60/61 that I realised that the best way to read this book was not to read each chapter sequentially - instead this book requires life application, prayer and a heart that sincerely seeks change and spiritual growth through a closer walk with Jesus. To get the best out of this book (for me anyway), is to spend time in the relevant chapter at the point of need or spiritual prompting - pen and paper at the ready too! 

You see, there are so many areas of one’s life that are covered in this book, and the neat little index is like a spiritual A-Z of areas where we all need spiritual refreshing, pruning or an outright overhaul! 

If you are already walking with God, you will hopefully be aware of areas in your life that God wants you to focus on. and commit to him in sincere prayer. This book is a really good study aid and reference point. Apart from covering a broad range of development areas for your prayer life, it also contains some model prayers that you can work into your own prayer life as you diligently seek change and refreshing through the work of the Holy Spirit. Each section also contains a reminder of some of God's promises relating to the topic in focus. 

An excellent book and guide, one which will not sit on my shelf and gather dust!"

REVIEW BY Agrineth Mashile