Tuesday, March 8, 2016

South African Library Week 11-21 March 2016 #libraries4lifelonglearning

SABC Information Library will be highlighting South African Library Week next week.

"The Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) is celebrating South African 
Library Week from 11-21 March 2016 with the theme 


The National Launch will be held at the Sibusisiwe Hall 1 Thokoza Road, Sundumbili, KwazuluNatal near to the Sundumbili Library on Friday 11 March 2016. Deputy Minister of Arts and 
Culture, Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi will deliver the Keynote Address. 

The theme “#libraries4lifelonglearning” frames the substantial contribution of libraries to the 
efforts that strive to address our country’s educational, social, cultural and recreational needs
and prevalent inequalities. It provides insight into the role of libraries in South Africa and 
demonstrates how this slots into the objective of ensuring equitable access to quality 
information and to social advancement opportunities. This makes libraries complicit in the 
intention to realize the vision of an informed nation. 

South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 proposes to eradicate poverty and 
inequality by 2030 using a robust economy driven by skilled workers. However, the 
competencies needed for entry to the job market need to be developed especially among the 
youth. Innovation - shaping products and services from knowledge acquired through learning -
contributes to the growth of the economy and social improvement as envisaged in the NDP 
2030. Also, the current global mindset calls for digital literacy as a learned skill that enables 
people to access, evaluate and apply information within the digital environment. These 
proficiencies, accompanied by a sense of responsibility for and awareness of the impact of 
technology on the world are seen as norms of behavior encompassed by the term ‘digital 
citizenship’ and aspired to in the NDP 2030. 

Lifelong learning is a purposeful learning activity undertaken on an ongoing basis with the aim 
of improving knowledge, skills and competencies that includes developing the ability to 
search for information and actively and independently create knowledge. It embraces various 
forms of education and training: formal, non-formal and informal; the traditional school 
system from primary to tertiary level; adult education, informal training and so on. It is 
undertaken individually, in a group setting or within the framework of social movements. 

Libraries share in the responsibility for evolving further a knowledgeable, technological adept 
and prosperous society by harnessing its resources and redirecting these towards client and 
community services while providing physical and virtual spaces for lifelong learning.

Therefore libraries:

  • provide learning resources in various formats
  • advance literacy through intellectual and creative support
  • provide access to global knowledge and information to advance research and create new knowledge
  • foster a spirit of enquiry and curiosity
  • create a desire for lifelong learning
  • instil respect for diverse beliefs, opinions and views
  • contribute towards the development of South African’s as an informed nation
  • develop a digitally literate nation 
  • empower people for prosperity

Our country remains characterized by divisions two decades after liberation. Lifelong learning 
provides opportunities to dissolve boundaries that may be in place among traditional sectors: 
education, the labour market and industry; or, other facets of society whether these are 
regional/geographic, socio-cultural or political. Through library services, people have insights 
to the ways of others which is hoped will lead to improved understanding and tolerance. 


LIASA is the national professional association that represents libraries and information 
institutions; all library and information workers; and millions of users & potential users of 
libraries in South Africa. LIASA aims to unite, develop and empower all people in the library 
and information field. It represents the interests of and promotes the development and image 
of library and information services in South Africa. 


For further information, please contact:
Ms Nikki Crowster LIASA National PRO: 082 8222120 nikki@chec.ac.za
Ms Segametsi Molawa LIASA President: 082 853 8702 president@liasa.org.za