Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Digital Library

Transformation of the existing content management within the SABC

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is in the process of digitization their content (intellectual property). The SABC Media Libraries are part of the stakeholders in the process.
I attended a learning lunch where Sandisiwe Ncemane (Siemens PMO Project) outlined the basic principles and planning underlined for a centralized digital repository for SABC content.

The goal is to exploit the existing content property and further streamlining of business processes.

Some of the points that were highlighted:
- A phased approach is envisaged for digitizing of the content.
- The legacy will also be ingested as per demand.
- There will be a link between the Digital Library and existing systems.
- A centralized repository will be put in place.
- Access limitations will be placed on content being made available online.

Some critical success factors:
- Efficient and streamlined workflows.
- Newly defined workflows and operating workflows.
- Compatibility and integration.
- Development of a data model.
- Transition and transformation management.

We are eagerly awaiting the implementation of the system.

Karen du Toit