Friday, June 13, 2014

In Good Memory of Bryan Reilly

Bryan Reilly was a technical producer at Radio 2000 before he passed away on 6 June 2014.

Moshe Maghundu, from SABC RBF in the Northern Cape, has fond memories of Bryan Reilly.
"We will always remember him. May his soul rest in peace."

"It was very good knowing Bryan Reilly and working with him. I have good memories of him when we did an outside broadcast at Hoërskool Diamantveld in Kimberley. He was always a gentleman in his working relationship with all of the people in the team."

Bryan Reilly (middle) talking to William Heath, discussing technical issues
Moshe Maghundu (right) busy with arrangements

The outside broadcast went smoothly with the Radio 2000 team on that day. The Radio 2000 crew kept to the exact broadcast schedule, which made the work very easy. The Kimberley RBF technical producers were Me Rena Maghundu and Mr William Heath.

The Radio 2000 crew consisted of Mmaphuti Mpheroane, Justice Ramohlola,
Dineo Motaung and 
Bryan Reilly. 
Moshe Maghundu reflects on the professionalism of the team, but also that they made time to have some fun in-between the broadcasting.

Briyn Reilly at the back, with the Principal of Hoërskool Diamantveld
being interviewed by Justice Ramohlola (Just-ice)

The former Northern Cape acting Premier, Me Grizelda Boniwe Cjiekella was also present, and the learners of the school were very excited that such an event was staged at their school.

(Bryan Reilly on the left)

The school’s principal highlighted the challenges and successes of Hoërskool Diamantveld school, which are made possible by dedicated people. He thanked everybody for contributing towards the success of the school.

It was a successful day for the SABC teams, which left the cheerful learners in good spirits.

"The death of Bryan Reilly will remain a shock to us all and we will remember his friendship and the good person he was! 
May his soul rest in peace!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

World War 1 content from SABC archives shared on Twitter via #WW1archives

The SABC Media Libraries are joining archives in search of World War 1 material on 10 June 2014 #WW1archives

Twitter shares with hashtag #WW1archives from @SABCMediaLib, @SABCRadioArc and @SABCInfoLib:

From the SABC Media Library @SABCMediaLib:

From the SABC Radio Archives @SABCRadioArc:

From the SABC Information Library @SABCInfoLib:

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Blog post by Karen du Toit.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Join archives in search of World War 1 material on 10 June 2014 #WW1archives

@followanarchive @askanarchivist

The yearly International Archives Day are celebrated on 9 June, but because it falls on public holidays celebrated in some parts, it has been decided to change the annual Twitter event to 10 June.

German archivist Thomas Wolf from SIWI-archives suggested that the focus should be on World War I or The Great War that started 100 years ago.

The Great War in archives 

All archives and other heritage organizations are asked to search their collections for documents related to the First World War 1914-1918. Even countries that were neutral during the Great War, can perhaps find some records about, for instance, aid to refugees, or military or financial support to soldiers, families, countries in need.

Subjects to look for and tweet about 

Archival documents, records, newspapers, pictures, drawings, postcards, paintings, etc. about:
- Soldiers
- Families and loved ones of soldiers
- Battlefields
- Refugees
- Aid / Support
- Governments
- Weapons
- Mobilisation
- Diseases
- War cemeteries
- History before, during, after 1914-1918, all related to the First World War

Hashtag: #WW1archives 

Join @AskArchivists and @FollowAnArchive on #WW1archives Day on Twitter, June 10, 2014.                                  
 - Info: Ask Archivists

Ask Archivists and Follow an archive will be posting more details.

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