Thursday, August 30, 2012

Interview with an Archivist at SABC Polokwane

Phindile Maringa is an archivist from the SABC Media Libraries. She  relocated on 1 August 2012 from the SABC Radio Archives in Johannesburg, to being the archivist in SABC Media Libraries, Polokwane.

The archivists in the regions are doing things in a different way and on a different scale than here in Johannesburg. They are sometimes expected to be and do more than their initial job requirements specify for an archivist.

It is extremely interesting to have an interview with an archivist who has been working here at head office, and to now compare how things are being done in the regions.

Phindile, please tell us a why you moved to SABC Polokwane. 

I took a transfer back home because I wanted to be with my family. Working a distance away from the kids and my partner initially put strain on me as I had to travel back home each weekend. 
I say thanks to the SABC for granting my request. 

What can you tell us about SABC Polokwane?

SABC Polokwane is a warm welcoming area, where I feel comfortable to share my skills and knowledge acquired. The natural warm feeling comes when one gets greeted by various personnel, who are already calling me by my name. This helps me feel at home and welcomed.

Please tell us about a normal day in your office

I usually prioritize on request and cataloguing news and actuality. It feels good to directly deal with clients. [Which she mostly did not do have to attend to when she was in HQ] 
Besides cataloguing and attending to customer requests, I do recordings of day to day broadcasts of Thobela Fm. I transfer recordings onto cd format. 
I also sort and make a selection of material to catalogue and file. 

Tell us more about your collection and the scope of material you need to preserve in the archives in Polokwane

My collection includes a backlog of reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, mini-discs and cd’s which contains all broadcasted material for Thobela Fm. 

Do you struggle with technical difficulties, and if so, what?

Yes, I do struggle,  but with the interference of the BIT team, my trouble get sorted right away after logging a call.

Tell us why you enjoy doing the work that you do

I enjoy being an information officer because I get to know what is current information globally. 
I have a greater awareness of what is happening in my surrounding areas as well. 
Furthermore, it gives me a chance to use various operating and information systems and to be technologically inclined.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storify of the David Gurteen private Knowledge Café at the SABC Media Libraries #SABCkcafe

David Gurteen, the international Knowledge Management expert, is holding a private Knowledge Café for SABC Media Libraries and SABC Training on 3 September.

The Storify of the SABC Knowledge Cafe (hashtag #SABCkcafe) curates all the social media and web activities of the event in a storyline. We will keep on updating it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interview with the new Librarian at the SABC Information Library

Agrineth Mashile was an intern here at the SABC Information Library, who has now been appointed as a new librarian in a permanent position.
She started working in the Information Library from 1 June 2012.

The questions helps us to break the silos which exist between the different departments in the SABC Media Libraries, as well as getting to know the job functions of each and every one.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Agrineth Mashile, from a small village called Moomane in Limpopo, Sekhukhune District. 
I grew up there, started school in 1994 at Moomane Primary and matriculated at Ngale Secondary in 2006.  When I was doing matric, I applied for admission at University of Limpopo (Turfloop Campus) for Computer science. When I got there I was told that I can’t be accepted in their school because my Mathematics marks were low, they were looking for “A” and “B”. I was so confused and I decided to check the prospectus for other courses offered, because going back home it was just out of the question.
 I decided to register for BA MDST (Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies), in which they only requested a proficiency in the English language. I had no idea what was all about but I thought it was better than going back home. In my second year I realized that it was not for me.
I decided to make Information Science my major course but still continued with media studies and communication studies as electives.

Please tell us about a normal day in your office. 

I come early every day at 07h15 as arranged and knock off at 15h45.  My duties at the Information library include cataloguing and classification of new books and indexing of SABC Radio Bulletins from Springbok Radio. I help in assisting students from the Sound Engineering College with the Internet, as well as printing and photocopying. I am also doing research for clients.  
Working at the front desk is stressful sometimes and very demanding. It demands someone with lots of patience.  Dealing with clients, externally and internally, can prove to be very difficult. It is my job to make sure that they are happy with the services we offer them.

Tell us more about your collection and the scope of material you need to preserve in the library.

We have a large collection of books from different subjects. The SABC Information Library is a special library, but it is very accommodating. It does not only acquire books on broadcasting, media and communications, but also on a wide range of other subjects. We have a large collection of journals (magazines and newspapers). The daily and weekly newspapers are scanned and indexed for future reference. 

Do you struggle with technical difficulties, and if so, what?

Since I was an intern and did my practicals with SABC, I have learned a lot from the systems we are using.  I can proudly say that I am comfortable with the Newbase system and Inmagic Genie and I don’t find any difficulties.

If you have an anecdote about a specific piece of interesting information, please share it with us.
I really can’t remember anything right now, but I have list of interesting books that people might enjoy reading: For politics: 8 days in September; for spiritual: The shack; for leisure:  The no.1 ladies detective (the whole collection of six)

Tell us why you enjoy doing the work that you do. 

Surrounded by loving and caring colleagues is the best thing one could ask at the workplace. The Information Library has such a warm atmosphere that when you get up in the morning you don’t have to worry about going to work because you know you will find people who will make your day easy.  
I love reading. Reading is my passion, so my heart is close to what I enjoy and like doing. It is interesting when a client comes in and you are able to discuss or review the books you like or enjoy reading. 

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Questions and blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Interview with the new Junior Record Librarian at the SABC Record Library

Image Sibuyi is a new appointment at the SABC Media Libraries.

This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts to gain a better understanding of the SABC Record Library, as well as part of a series of blog posts about the SABC Media Libraries. The interviews are generating a better understanding of what we do in the different sections and breaking the silos between us.

The interview this week is with Image Sibuyi, a new Junior Record Librarian in the SABC Record Library, who started to work here on 14 May this year.

The Record Library houses all genres of recorded music. The music is regularly accessed by staff and made available to internal clients.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. (Where you grew up, where and what you studied and your work experience before you joined the SABC Record Library)

I was born and raised in Buckbuckridge (Mpumalanga) in the village of Cork Trust, near the town of Hazyview . I started school in 1994 at Mkhumbini Primary School and matriculated in 2005 at Dumisani High School. Due to financial reasons in 2006 I was unable to enroll in a tertiary institution. 
I went to the University of Limpopo, Turfloop Campus, in 2007 and enrolled for the Bachelor of commerce in Business Management and Human Resource Management which I successfully completed in 2009. 
In 2010 I enrolled for a Higher Diploma in information Studies (HDINF) which I completed the same year. 
During the academic year 2010, as part of a practicum course, I had to attend practicals for four weeks at the Library of my choice. I chose the SABC Media Library in Polokwane. Fortunately during my practicals I could apply for an internship at SABC Mpumalanga.  
 I was successfully appointed as a Record Librarian intern from 01 February 2011 until 31 March 2012. 
During my last week of internship I applied for the Junior Record Library post. I was successful in my application and started to work in May 2012.

Tell us more about your collection and the scope of material you need to preserve in the record library.

In the Record Library we believe that music or sound/s never die or expire. We preserve all kinds of physical CD music genres (House, Rock, RNB, Hip Hop, Classic, etc.), from old to the latest, of which are played by all of the SABC Radio Stations. 
Most importantly we require copyright information. 
We also keep mood music and sound effects which are used by radio and television personnel.

Please tell us about a normal day in your office. What music do you give priority to?

I do the capturing of music which requires the copyright information from SAMRO such as title, performer, record label, composer, and publisher, etc.  I liaise with the other SABC regions to avoid duplications. I also advise clients with regards the registering of copyright information and how to make it visible on the physical CD. I also help out at the front desk service with issuing and returning of CDs.

Do you struggle with technical difficulties, and if so, what?

The music industry is migrating to digital. The SABC  Record Library are facing challenges in terms of the recording companies who are cutting costs on sampling physical CDs for us, especially of the international music. 
Luckily we have a very reliable computerized library system.

Tell us why you enjoy doing the work that you do. 

First of all I love working for the one of the biggest Broadcast Corporations. It comes with pride and joy. 
Ever since I join the SABC I have developed an interest in music. The capturing of music entails listening to music before capturing, so I enjoy “dancing with my head” while doing my work. 
I also enjoy helping artists with the information of registering their music.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Knowledge Café newspaper publishing daily - created by SABC Media Libraries

The SABC Media Libraries' newspaper focusing on Knowledge Cafés and Knowledge Management, The Daily Knowledge Café, is a good way to get the most recent information available in social media. generates the newspaper automatically on a daily basis.

 As we are having an upcoming Knowledge Café by the guru himself, David Gurteen, this is one of the ways to update us again about the topic.

Please tell us what your thoughts are about the newspaper? Should the topics be more broader than knowledge café and knowledge management?

Blog post by Karen du Toit, Archivist, SABC Radio Archives

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snow at the SABC in Johannesburg #photos & #video

There was much excitement yesterday when the snow fell here in South Africa.

Most of us have never seen the snow falling through the windows while working here at the SABC in Auckland Park. 

We definitely had to take a few photos.
SABC Radiopark building
Auckland Park

Playing in snow
Snow through the window
Ilse Assmann & Retha Buys
SABC Media Libraries
Photo through window

Johann Greyling, Obakeng Phiri & Karen du Toit

Johann Greyling

Photos in the snow

Photo by Retha Roux

Lepota Mabote 

Post by Karen du Toit, SABC Radio Archives 

Video by Suzette Lombard, SABC Music Library

Thursday, August 2, 2012

David Gurteen Knowledge Café - background reading in preparation

David Gurteen, Knowledge Management expert and Knowledge Café guru, is coming to South Africa in September to facilitate a workshop on Knowledge Café's, as well as speaking at the International Conference of Information and Knowledge Management 2012.
Hopefully he will also present a Knowledge Cafe at the SABC for the SABC Media Libraries, as well as for SABC Training.

The SABC Media Libraries held a Knowledge Café, called LibCafé,  in August 2011 based on the principles of David Gurteen's Knowledge Cafés.

Some more posts about our own Knowledge Café can be found here: LibCafe

A quote from David Gurteen's website sums up the premise of a Knowledge Cafe:

A Knowledge Cafe is a means of bringing a group of people together to have an open, creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to surface their collective knowledge, to share ideas and insights and to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and the issues involved.
This ultimately, leads to action in the form of better decision making and innovation and thus tangible business outcomes.

For more background information about Knowledge Cafés, videos about previous Knowledge Cafés by David Gurteen and upcoming Knowledge Cafés, read at KCafe by David Gurteen.

(Photo from our LibCafe in 2011)

Blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.