Thursday, October 18, 2012

World day for AudioVisual Heritage on 27 October 2012

It is again on 27 October 2012 the World Day for AudioVisual Heritage that has been declared by UNESCO as the official day to highlight the dire state of our AV collections worldwide.

The theme for 2012 is: “Audiovisual heritage memory? the clock is ticking”

"Audiovisual documents, such as films, radio and television programmes, audio and video recordings, contain the primary records of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Transcending language and cultural boundaries, appealing immediately to the eye and the ear, to the literate and illiterate, audiovisual documents have transformed society by becoming a permanent complement to the traditional written record.  
However, they are extremely vulnerable and it is estimated that we have no more than 10 to 15 years to transfer audiovisual records to digital to prevent their loss. 
Much of the world's audiovisual heritage has already been irrevocably lost through neglect, destruction, decay and the lack of resources, skills, and structures, thus impoverishing the memory of mankind. Much more will be lost if stronger and concerted international action is not taken." - UNESCO 
IASA, the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives, is hosting the day at 
World Day for AudioVisual Heritage.

They undertake to post any relevant content: Tell us how your organisation is celebrating World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The SABC Media Libraries will also be taking part. 

This year we will focus especially on our Springbok Radio Revisited collection, the radio material of the former SABC radio station Springbok Radio, that was handed back earlier this year to the SABC. 
Springbok Radio Revisited

The official hand over of Springbok Radio archive material to SABC took place on 8 May 2012 this year.  

Hand over of Springbok Radio material by Frans Erasmus to
Thami ka Plaatjie of the SABC

Springbok Radio can still be heard digitally in 6-hour loops that is being refreshed on a two-weekly basis by our Springbok Radio custodian, Retha Buys
The Springbok Radio Audio stream is here:

How will you highlight your audiovisual heritage?

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Blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.


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