Monday, August 25, 2014

Steve Kekana launches his new album at the SABC Record Library

Steve Kekana: Risen

Report by Jacqueline Wilson
Music Librarian

Renowned music legend, composer and artist Steve Kekana blessed the SABC Record Library with his presence at the launch of his 44th album called “Risen” on Friday 22 August.

Risen is a re-recording of some of his biggest hits. This album includes  memorable songs like “Slow Drive to Soweto”, “Sanibonani”, “The Bushman” and other songs that will put you in a dancing mode.

With the man of the moment speaking, the one thing taken from his speech is that he has always loved music and wants his music to be part of South Africa’s past, present and future. He loved being at the SABC Record Library and in his own words he said: “The Record Library is the epicentre of a music earthquake”.

Present at the launch were members from Next Music Record Company and the publishers who deal with the distribution and marketing of the album, as well as music compilers from different radio stations and other music guests from inside and outside the SABC.

The room was filled with warmth and so much laughter, and the Record Library is humbled to have had such an amazing person in their presence.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SABC Media Libraries sharing some of their collections for National Women's Day on 9 August

The SABC Media Libraries are sharing some of their collections on social media in preparation for National Women's Day on 9 August.

The SABC Information Library has been posting photos of collections on Facebook:

The SABC Radio Archives shared a short video clip on Instagram of one of their oldest recordings in the Archives: The voice of Florence Nightingale from 1890 recalling the Battle of Balaclava. The original recording was done on a wax cylinder, and this specific recording is a copy that was done in 1984 on a reel-to-reel tape.
It was part of a series of recording from the SWABC, from a programme by Percy Sieff, This Week in Time.

One of the oldest audio recordings from 1980: Florence Nightingale

Blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LIASA EXCO and branch members visiting specialist libraries, including the SABC Media Libraries

The SABC Media Libraries had the pleasure yesterday in welcoming a delegation from the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA), including the following EXCO members: Ms Ujala Satgoor - LIASA President; Ms Segametsi Molawa - LIASA President Elect; Mr Mandla Ntombela - LIASA National PRO; Ms Therese Els - LIASA NAtional Secretary and Ms Annamarie Goosen - LIASA Manager.

The LIASA delegation's road-show included visiting different types of libraries, and they wanted  to include a specialist library like that of the SABC! Their aim is to form an idea of the state of libraries and information services in South Africa. They would also like to share information with their staff members on burning issues.

The LIASA delegation was shown the the SABC Radio Archives, the SABC Record Library and the SABC Information Library. Because of time constraints the delegation was not shown the SABC Music Library or the Audio Restoration Section.

The delegation expressed a sincere interest in how the SABC Media Libraries give access access to their content, which includes audio (radio programmes and clips), as well as commercial music and information contained in books, magazines, newspaper and electronic.

It means a great deal to the SABC Media Libraries to be able to form connections with Information Professionals from across South Africa. As members of LIASA they appreciate the interest that was shown in their services. The specialised nature of the SABC Media Libraries' services contribute to a perceived isolation from their peers in the librarian and archivist fields.

The significance of the visit has highlighted the worth of the services once again, and gives an appreciation of the specialist services that are rendered at the SABC Media Libraries!

LIASA delegation in the SABC Radio Archives

Team Leader of Cataloguing and Sport Archivist
Johann Greyling addressing the meeting 

LIASA delegation with Ujala Satgoor

Justice Leshilo welcoming the delegation in the SABC Information Library

Monica van Deventer (Principal Librarian) with Justice Leshilo

Themba Mtshali demonstrating the Newbase scanning system in
the Newspaper Clipping Section (SABC Information Library)

LIASA delegation in the SABC Information Library 

Ujala Satgoor in the SABC Information Library
The SABC Media Libraries feel honoured to have shaken hands with the LIASA EXCO, as well as meeting some of the LIASA Gauteng South branch executive members.

Blog post and photos by Karen du Toit, Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.