Friday, June 8, 2012

International Archives day on 9th June #archday12

@SABCRadioArc on Twitter
It is again International Archives Day tomorrow, the 9th of June.

Last year we took part in the Ask Archivists campaign on Twitter.
This year it is on a Saturday, but we can still take part in the Twitter initiative by Ask Archivists.

The brief by Ask Archivists for 2012:

"Let´s show off our archival holdings, knowledge and services this year. We invite you to tweet your most precious document, your best online services and finest webcontent, the coolest pics of users socializing and using the collections.  Show us – and the whole twittersphere –  what you´re proud of in your archives!  Let us know if you´re in – and if you will answer questions from users again.
We´re looking forward to another great Archives Day on the tag #archday12"
- Ask Archivists initiative

Ask Archivists is on Twitter @AskArchivists
Follow the conversation at #ArchDay12

Please follow and ask us about our collections on Archives Day:

@SABCMediaLib - The SABC Media Libraries of the South African national broadcaster, SABC.
@SABCRadioArc - The SABC Radio Archives which forms part of the SABC Media Libraries.
@SABCInfoLib - The SABC Information Library
@SABCRecordLib - The SABC Record Library
@SABCAudioRest - The SABC Audio Restoration department.

See you on Twitter!

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