Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In memory of Dawid Kruiper, traditional leader of the Khomani San

Dawid Kruiper
(jpg cut from cameramen Byron Taylor's video material - SABC Fokus 10 June 2012)
Dawid Kruiper passed away on 13 June 2012. He was a San elder and leader of the Khoisan community in the southern Kalahari Desert. He was also one of the main players in the land claim by the #Khomani San.

Moshe Maghundu, the librarian & archivist at SABC Platfontein, remembers the following about Dawid Kruiper, a well-known personality in their district:

"Oom Kruiper lived his whole life in the Kalahari, where he was involved with many of the issues regarding the #Khomani San.
Moshe Maghundu never had personal contact with him, but he had read and heard about him, especially when he was involved with the land claim and they got their land back.
Dawid Kruipere did a lot for the San people. They see him as a well-known man, especially in the Kalahari. Dawid Kruiper was involved with the leaders of Platfontein and used to organise many meeting with the San people. His work inspired the people.
Moshe plans to do some interviews in the Kalahari when the funds become available to record the full story behind the man Dawid Kruiper."
                                                                          - (Translated from Afrikaans by Karen du Toit) 

The following link by the SA San Institute gives a good insight in the life of Dawid Kruiper:

In Memoriam - Dawid Kruiper

The following YouTube video is an interview by SABC Radio specialist correspondent Angie who speaks to eco-adventurer and ex-SABC Radio presenter, Patrcia Glyn, on the late #Khomani San leader Dawid Kruiper:

YouTube: Dawid Kruiper (published on 19 June 2012 by SABC Digital News)

SABC 2 Fokus also did a programme on 10 June 2012 about the Khoi and San groups of South Africa and their search for recognition. Producer Karin D'Orville did an interview with Dawid Kruiper in this programme:

YouTube - Fokus 10 June 2012 (SABC Digital News)
See photo on top by kind permission of producer Karin D'Orville.

May you rest in peace, Dawid Kruiper!

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