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Archivist Moshe Maghundu at the Khoi and San land claims meeting in Kimberley

Minister Gugile Nkwinti
Archivist and librarian Moshe Maghundu, was at the land claims' discussions between the Minister of Rural Development and Land reform, Min Gugile Nkwinti, and the Khoi and San people.
They want to re-open the lodgement of the land claims.
It was held on 13 - 14 April 2013 in Kimberley.

As an archivist, Moshe Maghundu tries to be at any event with regards the issues and culture of the Khoi and San people; to record and gather material for the archives, which he has started from scratch at SABC Platfontein.

By Moshe Maghundu:

One of the issues at the heart of the Khoi and San people, the land claim, was once again reopened by the minister. A meeting was organised in Kimberley at the Mittah Shiperepere convention centre. The deliberations during these two days were very difficult.

The Khoi and San at the meeting were very frustrated, saying that the government has not recognised the Khoi and San and treating them as if they do not exist at all.
The point was made that the Khoi and San are the first peoples of South Africa, and different sciences prove this point. The rock paintings all over South Africa are such a case in point.

The San demanded an immediate solution to the following:

The land should be given back.
Heritage site ownership should be awarded to the Khoi and San.
Acknowledgement for their traditional leaders and chiefs should be given.

The Khoi and San at the meeting also demanded that government should consult with them before they start planning and implementing with regards their issues.

The following promises were made:

PANSULP - that the Khoi and San language be nationalised and included in the S.A. school curriculum.
Recognition of Khoi and San leadership..
A Khoi and San committee or steering body to be elected to represent them.

Moshe Maghundu interviewing a government official 
I had the privilege to speak to some of the government officials who was very positive in their response. The government acknowledges that mistakes were made when land were taken away from the San peoples (in 1913). After years of government research on this issue, the government want to correct all the wrongdoings. They reopened the land claim issue after it was finalised some years ago as it did not take the Khoi and San people in account.

SABC station X-K FM (107.9) was there for the two days to broadcast from the venue. 
Afrikaans was the language at the conference and only a little bit of English was heard. The recordings was made in Afrikaans.

At some point the frustrations of the Khoi and San made the government delegates uncomfortable. The wisdom of the Minister steered them through this difficult hurdle. 

It needs mention that the Khoi and San land claim re-opening came from the speech President Jacob Zuma made in Parliament. We as the San thank the government for giving us a voice.

Oupa Petrus Vaalbooi (Kalahari) thanking the government
for their involvement
Team X-K FM
Far left: Rena Maghundu (RBF technical producer); Middle, Anna Ndao (X-K FM  presenter):
Right: Joe Mpungo (X-K FMpresenter)

The X-K FM team is acknowledged for a job well done. They had to broadcast in a situation where people were shouting and making noises. 
This is what the station is tasked with: To cover all affairs of the San peoples and to communicate it to those who could not attend.

The final day ended with entertainment and a gala dinner where the SAPS band 
occupied the stage.

SAPS band
Left to righ: Moshe,Rena,Anna and Simon.

Content and photos by Moshe Maghundu.

Blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist at SABC Radio Archives


  1. brilliant work! Thanks, Moshe!

    1. Thanks Ilse,I really appreciate your continuous support.I have a very big passion for my work,extually wanting to make a huge different for the archives eventhough I face many challenges,things that are still limiting me from doing my work.I strongly believe that when I'm gone,the person who will come after me should not have the difficulties I'm going through as far as archives is concerned.I just hope that the budget issue of archivist be solved one day.


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