Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Musings in the Music Library #9 - Budgets

by Daniel Neal
Cape Philharmonic Orchestra

A vignette from the music librarian.

O tempora, O mores!  What we could do if we only had more budget!  
Artscape is now saying they may “renovate” the Library.  Well, they mean the room it’s in.  Considered old, ugly, dissheveled and antiquated (all true), the general upgrade of the entire Artscape Theatre Complex has now noticed another problem to be solved.  Motive?  To make it look modern and impressive, mostly.  
So a budget begins a theoretical dance, beyond my reach; a budget that if given to me would have a very different outcome.  
Like, maybe a full or even part time assistant?  Or lots of new score and parts sets?  
At least I’ve accessed the atmosphere by getting fifty archive boxes with which to re-box all the ballet sets and further to that other outsized local creations (quasi A4 sized parts and scores with huge plastic comb binders…an interesting challenge to fit into any storage facility).  
And look, let’s admit it is wonderful to have real interest in improvements.  
There have been so many retrenchments and closures in the last 18 years that I can drop my suspicious nature for a moment and really be grateful. 

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