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X-K FM archivist at the Kalahari Desert Festival

By Moshe Maghundu
Archivist and Librarian at SABC Platfontein 

X-K FM radio station covered the “Desert Festival “in the Kalahari.  The Desert Festival was on the eve of Human Rights Day in South Africa on 20 March 2013 at the //Uruke Bush Camp Adventure grounds.
Moshe Maghundu, as the archivist, got the opportunity to go with the crew and do recordings (thanks to William Heath) for the archives.

He is very grateful for every opportunity he gets to collect material for the X-K FM archive, as he is busy building the archive from scratch. Whenever a San-related event is taking place, he has to make arrangements with his managers to be able to go and collect archive material, whether it be audio, photos, arts or crafts.

He writes these blog posts which is an unique way to capture the history and the culture of the San people.

The Acting Premier of the Northern Cape, Grizelda Cjiekella opened the //Uruke Bush Camp, which was part of the official opening of the Kalahari Desert Festival. 

Acting Premier of the Northern Cape, Grizelda Cjiekella
Those who attended the festival appreciated her presence tremendously. 
The photo on top shows the the outlay of the //Uruke Bush Camp from a distance.

The //Uruke Bush Camp Adventure Project sign,
with names of sponsors
Opening ceremony

New technology made it possible to broadcast at the Kalahari Desert festival ("Innovation beyond boundaries").
This unique festival is the first of its kind in the Kalahari. It had its challenges in terms of the area and the environment. Many wanted to know where to find the place and whether it would be possible to broadcast in the middle of the red dunes. 

Moshe Maghundu with the Comrex
We did a live broadcast from the venue. The challenges included a MTN signal which went up and down, but we as the training personnel discovered that I had to lift up the Comrex while they were broadcasting. 
We were surprised to see so many people that came to our tent just to be with us and listen to the languages we use. 

X-K fm made history by broadcasting in the three San languages:
Xun, Khwe and Naro (San language from Botswana, Gantzi)
It was very interesting hearing all three SAN languages speaking to each other on air. 
Left is a Naro speaking person, middle is !xun speaking and right is Khwe speaking. The different languages have some overlapping words, some with different meaning, and some with the same meanings. 
We had a very long day of interesting broadcasting. 
We made history!
The Upington dance group taking a lead by performing their dance
Andriesvale Kalahari dance group
The sons of the late Dawid Kruiper doing their performances, and the group from Platfontein singing for them, being in very good spirit. 
Botswana traditional dance group from  Gantzi 
Botswana traditional dance group from  Gantzi 

The Botswana traditional dance group from  Gantzi is part of a SAN group from Platfontein that I have limited contact with. They performed different dances but we could identify their performances to be the same as those of the other SAN groups. This group had to travel a day long from Botswana to be with their SAN colleagues. 
The disabled Namibian artist called Kadawaka playing his instrument
Platfontein Khwe traditional dance group
The Platfontein Khwe traditional dance group performed a magical performance while all could shout and sing with them. The audience wanted them to occupy the stage for long,  but time would not allow.

Platfontein! Xun traditional dance group  

School choir
The school choir did an excellent job, which will not be forgotten.

Chris Mpisi with Pops Mohammed getting ready for the day and performance
Pops Mohamed
Pops Mohamed made his appearance at the festival. His music career is revered by all. 
Every one was waiting to see Pops on the stage. It was well worth the wait!

Blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist at SABC Radio Archives

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