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SABC Radio Archives: interview with an intern – Thakani Ramufhufhi

Thakani Ramufhufhi
SABC Radio Archives
The SABC Media Libraries have acquired the services of a couple of interns. We have four interns in the SABC Radio Archives (as part of the SABC Media Libraries). They are busy us helping change our workflows for the digitization process, as well as acquiring some valuable skills along the way.

They answered a few questions as well:

Thakani, please tell us about your personal history as well as your studies. How did you come to be an intern here at the SABC?

Answer:  I was born in Thohoyandou a small town in Venda area in Limpopo Province. Growing up I was always interested in music so I came to Johannesburg in 2008 to study sound engineering which includes music production. I worked for a sound hiring company called Sound Stylists in 2009 and also worked for Univen Radio last year. A friend told me about SABC internships last year. I applied and fortunately I was amongst those who were chosen.

What does your job entail here at the SABC?

Answer: As Sound Archives Intern I record mostly SAFM audio material from mini discs into the Dalet system for cataloging. I help to print CDs for airchecks and also collect CDs from main control and does sound check on them to check if the programmes recorded correspond with the labeling on the CDs.

What have you learned already while you have been here?

Answer: Before I got here I had no idea on how sound archives operate but now I have an understanding on how things are being done in the archives. Preservation and digitization of the audio collections using the equipment we have. Basically I never worked with mini disc players before.

What suggestions do you have for us with regards the preservation and digitization of our audio collections?

Answer: Regarding digitization I feel that the methods being used are quite recent and good, but I think it would be better if we start saving our audio collections on big hard drives as we will sooner or later run out of room to store CDs.

Please tell us of any interesting anecdote or funny story with regards your internship here at the SABC

Answer: During the first two weeks of our internship we received lunch vouchers because we were still on training and we thought we were going to get free lunch for the whole 10 months period, and when we found out that that was not going to happen it broke our hearts.

What are you planning to do after this?

Answer: After completing my internship I hope to get a job in a broadcast or production company where I will still be working with audio because I’m really passionate about sound.

Questions and blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.

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