Monday, May 9, 2011

Interview with Aaron Magoro at the SABC Record Library

Aaron Magoro
SABC Record Library
This is an interview as part of a series of blog posts to gain a better understanding of the SABC Record Library, as well as part of a series of blog posts about the SABC Media Libraries. It is a way of generating a better understanding of what we do in the different sections that we belong to.

The interview this week is with Aaron Magoro, a Record Librarian in the SABC Record library.

The Record Library houses recorded music, previously unavailable, as well as all genres of recorded music, including Jazz, Gospel, Kwaito, Rap, Rave, Classical, World, Light, Mood, Sound Effects and others. The music is regularly accessed by staff and made available to internal clients.

Aaron, please tell us a little bit about your life and career.

I was born in Soweto. I grew up in the township and I attended primary & higher primary school in Soweto. I moved to Mpumalanga where I went to secondary school to obtain my Junior Certificate.
Before I joined the SABC I was at CNA Warehouse supplying different outlets with magazines and newspapers of local and international content. It was very interesting to work in that department. I only worked there for a short period. After I had left I had a call that there were vacancies at the SABC, upon which I applied for a job here.

Please tell us about a normal day in your office. What music do you give priority to?

A normal day at the office is hectic. We deal with different clients with different needs. Every piece of music to us is a priority as a service to our clients. After I have completed the requests by customers, I do my normal work capturing data. The information being captured is shared with the ten regions of the SABC country wide.

Tell us more about your collection and the scope of material you need to preserve in the record library.

In the library we have a variety of global music. We have a vast collection. It includes the National Anthems of other countries. We came up tops during the Soccer World Cup which was hosted in South Africa. We were the sole independent of the media to rely on in terms of music of other countries.  We receive music as it is presented to us. This point is very important because we don’t limit our collections or censor it.  Different people do research on different projects. It is not up to us to select for them but to cater to their needs of what they require.

Do you struggle with technical difficulties, and if so, what?

Technical difficulties in the record library: It is very few, except for the process and procedures which should be followed very carefully, as well as to remember the password and id users may need in future.

If you have an anecdote about a specific piece of interesting music, please share it with us.

I like a selection of evergreen music with the message of courage; lifting up one’s spirit when you are feeling down. To name a few: Mahalia Jackson, Uncle Satchmo, Brook Benton, Aretha Franklin, and local northern Sotho tradition and township music with a vibe.

Tell us why you enjoy doing the work that you do.

I enjoy a social life. My daily life at work involves socialising with different people, sharing different ideas and most of the time I assist when more information are required.

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Questions and blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.

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