Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frans Erasmus: An inspiration!

What an inspiration this man is!  Loving something, and loving it too much to keep it for himself, but gives his all to make it available to you.  That is exactly what Frans Erasmus, head of the Springbok Radio Preservation Society, does with his time and money.  He makes Springbok Radio of old available to all through Springbok Radio Digital, an internet radio station re-broadcasting old Springbok Radio programs as well as recreating the feel of Springbok Radio with new music programs with music from the era of Springbok Radio.

On 21 May I had the privilege to start a series of interviews with Frans about above-mentioned venture, but also about the history of Springbok Radio, and his dreams for the future.  Frans is adamant that the memory must and will not die, and we at the SABC Radio Archives share his sentiment.  With Frans's help (Frans is actually doing most of the work), we are serious in preserving what is left of Springbok Radio, and also in taking it back to the public.  Our contribution will firstly be in the form of preserving Frans's knowledge about Springbok Radio.  I think it is safe to say that nobody knows as much about the stations and the people who used to be involved in it as Frans.  Secondly we would like to conduct interviews with Springbok Radio role-players who are still with us, in order to ensure preservation of the memory.  Thirdly we are continuously working with Frans to get material safely back to the SABC, where it will be kept for generations to come.

Frans always loved Springbok Radio, and started collecting after the station closed.  His first recording however was with a tape recorder and a microphone against the speaker.  Private recordings being donated makes up a large part of the existing collection.  Frans does the tracing, retrieving, editing and cataloguing, as well as the digital stream all from his own pocket, which is not always cheap, but he finds his reward in the satisfaction of knowing people can relive this wonderful part of our history.

As for Springbok Radio Digital, Frans believes it can continue for a very long time with the material available, so listeners can look forward to a long and happy listening relationship with Springbok Radio Digital, if all goes according to plan.

From our side we would like to thank Frans for what he is doing, and also for his attitude towards the SABC Radio Archives, who would love to help making the material available to the public.

"If we don't see you through the week, we will see you through the window"

-Retha Buys, Custodian: Springbok Radio: SABC Radio Archives


  1. This is a very valuable project! Thanks Retha AND Frans, of course!

  2. We at Radio Today have the utmost respect for Frans. His support and dedication to the preservation of radio and Springbok Radio especially is simply wonderful. His programmes keep many Radio Today listeners very happy!
    Thank You Frans!
    Kind reagrds,
    James Kinloch

  3. For many years I fervently hoped at some time the radio of our youth (for me the 60s) would be available over the airwaves. Being new to digital radio and not having a high speed link I was unaware of Springbok radio digital until recently while chatting to my coz’ Kev, a doctor in Australia now (sorry SA – we have lost a gem). Kev mentioned he had been listening to Springbok radio. Well the rest is history. Thanks so much Frans and all the people involved in this project. I am an avid listener and like a young kid am happy to hear and re-hear all the stories, serials etc. Clint. Jhb.

  4. Thank you To all involved in Springbok Radiopreservation society, such wonderful memories and such joy to be able to hear our old favorites including adverts once again, the only radio station I currently listen to, keep up the wonderful work you doing and we wait to see what other golden oldies you can provide, including possibly Esme Everad's programs.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful work done in bringing back our favorite radio station programmed which bring back such wonderful memories , Sprinbok Radio digital, only radio station I listen to, keep up the good work.


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