Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ask Archivists Day on June 9th 2011 on Twitter

#AskArchivists Day

Archivists are active on social networks, especially on Twitter. It is a great way to connect and to form intellectual bonds with archivists on a global scale. The SABC Radio Archives are also active on Twitter: @SABCRadioArc.

The Ask Away on #AskArchivists Day is another initiative on Twitter which is located by the hash-tag AskArchivists #AskArchivists. It is managed by Charlotte Jensen of the National Museum (National Museet) in Copenhagen (Denmark) & Anneke van Waarden-Koets of the Zealand Archive (Zeeuws Archief) in Middelburg (the Netherlands). Thank you for the inspiration, Archivists! We appreciate it!

On June 9th 2011 archives worldwide will connect and will answer any question addressed to them on Twitter. Already a number of Archives has put up their details on the open Google doc. The SABC Radio Archives have joined as well, and we try to follow Archives joining in with the #AskArchivists on Twitter.

I have copied the banner that they have made available on their blog AskArchivists, and have put it up on the post. The shortened link to it:

Will you join us as well?

Karen du Toit

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