Thursday, July 5, 2012

Musings in the music library - "Librarians are nice"

by Daniel Neal
Cape Philharmonic Orchestra Library

Another vignette from the music librarian.

I've got two relations who are very successful professional academic librarians.  They are very nice people.  The nicest person I knew at Eastman School of Music was the head of  Sibley Music Library.  The kid next door where I grew up became a big deal librarian in Indianapolis Public Library system.  He too is a very nice man.  
And every professional librarian I’ve had any communication since becoming Librarian of the CPO has been a very nice person.  
AND… they’re all very smart.  
Interesting that in the early 21st century being nice is almost a curse…certainly taken for a sign of weakness in our oh so competitive world.  
You can imagine the extremes of the Tea Party movement in US politics deriding librarians as blood sucking parasites embedded in the bloated bureaucracy of the civil service.  Generally I guess our reaction would be to smile and ask “and what can I do for you today?”  
What else would we say?  We’re, by nature, nice people!

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