Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SABC Information Library exhibition during South African Library Week 2012 #SALW2012

The SABC Information Library set up a small exhibition in the SABC Radiopark foyer to participate with South African Library Week 2012.

The programme for the week is published on LIASA's website as well:
SALW2012 Library Week programmes across the country

SABC Information Library activities are the following:

   -  "Sending out of Intercom notifications
   -  Uploading information on the LIASA website
   -  Small exhibition in the foyer, which will include some of our books, 
      magazines ans newspapers. 
      this will be daily from 10:00  to 14:00.
   -  We will distribute our registration forms
   -  We are thinking of handing out small amounts of the small packets of NikNaks, 
      with the Libary Week theme stapled onto the packets
   -  Abel will do some tweeting during the week [@SABCInfoLib]
   -  we will take photos and upload it on our Facebook page 
       as well as on the LIASA website.
   -  The Library Week poster will be put up in the Radio and TV buildings." 
                                                                                    - Abel Thulare

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