Thursday, March 8, 2012

Libraries with social media X-factor

Libraries with Social Media XFactor
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Judy O'Connell presented the keynote presentation at Wollongong City and Branch Libraries to drive their social media campaigns for the libraries forward in Australia.
They have decided to take charge of the future and embrace social media as part of their library services.
The blog post for further reading: Libraries and social media X

This is an in-depth look at the challenges and strengths as well as how to proceed when starting out with a social media campaign in the libraries.

Libraries with an X-factor do the following, according to Judy O"Connel - quoted from the Slideshare presentation:

"- You can have an unlimited number of fans (Facebook users who “Like” your page)
- Facebook Pages are public—anyone can find and view your page whether they are logged into Facebook or not 
- All content posted on your Facebook page gets indexed on Google
- Create and promote events
- Communicate and share
- Connect or “like” other organizations
- Send notifications and messages
- Collect fans by promoting “Like”
- Feature discussions
- Create and share media
- Run competitions & polls
- Make sure to get a custom URL
- You can add additional admins (highly recommended)
- All admins have equal rights to administer your page, including adding and removing other admins (choose with care!)
- Select your page title and category carefully as they cannot be changed once set
- Bookshare widgets
- Catalogue search widgets
- Libguides Ebsco...and more
- Three C’s • Community • Collaboration • Communication
- Free Marketing & Advocacy
- Starting and sharing conversations
- Answering questions
- Breaking down barriers to information
- Serving as an interactive resource
- Google+
- share •communicate •participate •and more..."

These points helps us to see where we are in our own social media  strategies.
Thanks Judy!

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