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Storify: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2011 at the SABC

Storify: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage at the SABC
The SABC celebrated World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on 27th Oct 2011 by hosting a traveling exhibition from ILAM called “For Future Generations – Hugh Tracey and the International Library of African Music". The exhibition was up from 5 - 28th October in Auckland Park. 

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage culminated in a lunch-time concert on 27 October  by Pops Mohamed. Pops Mohamed is a South African musician who promotes our cultural African music tradition by promoting African music with the traditional musical instruments on a modern platform. He says he is on a "mystical African music journey". 

The SABC participation in World Day for Audiovisual heritage was compiled in a Storify with all the relevant posts, updates and tweets about the day, and to highlight the importance of our audiovisual heritage.

Quote from Unesco World Day for Audiovisual heritage:
Sound recordings and moving images are extremely vulnerable as they can be quickly and deliberately destroyed. Essentially emblematic of the 20th century, audiovisual heritage can be irretrievably lost as a result of neglect, natural decay and technological obsolescence. Public consciousness of the importance of preservation of these recordings must be engaged and the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is intended to be the platform for building global awareness.
Some cellphone photos of the Pops Mohamed concert on the 27th Oct.

Pops Mohamed at the lunch-time concert at SABC
Pops Mohamed serenading Florence Moshatana on the mbira
Pops Mohamed playing the kora
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Blog post & Storify by Karen du Toit, Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.

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