Thursday, November 11, 2010

Follow an Archive on #followanarchive day on Twitter

Tomorrow, the 12th of November, is the yearly International Follow an Archive Day on Twitter.
The SABC Radio Archives are also on Twitter:
Please follow us and our fellow archives/archivists.

The SABC Radio Archives have a passion for preserving SA's Radio Broadcast History. We are making a difference by preserving our rich cultural audio heritage.

Archives and archivists are on Twitter. They have discovered the rich source of information that is Twitter. They are meeting their fellow archivists from all over the world on Twitter. Social media has introduced us to a whole new meaning of sharing and exchanging ideas!

The Follow an Archive project was the Twitter initiative by Charlotte Jensen of the National Museum in Copenhagen, Bente Jensen of the City Archive of Aalborg (both in Denmark) and Poulus Bliek & Anneke van Waarden-Koets of the Zealand Archive in Middelburg (the Netherlands).

I copy and and past from Follow an Archive:
Many people follow an archive on twitter.
Archives are important.
They preserve the history of mankind.
Your history!
If more people follow an archive
more people will get involved
in their own history,
in the history of their ancestors,
in the history of their town, their country,
in the history of the world and mankind!
Take part in your own history
and follow an archive!
Tell a friend about your favourite archive.
Tell a friend about the discovery you made in an archive.
Tell a friend how archives inspire you.
Spread the word about archives on 2010 November 12 and use the hashtag #followanarchive !
Click to Follow:
Follow an Archive on Twitter
SABC Radio Archives on Twitter
Please follow both!

Karen du Toit
Afrikaans Archivist: SABC Radio Archives

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