Friday, June 18, 2010

The African Music and Dance Expo

The SABC Media Libraries are part of The African Music and Dance Expo at Daphne Kuhn’s Old Mutual Theatre on the Square (Sandton).

Press Release:

Mzansi Traditional Orchestra, The African Cultural Heritage Trust, The Zindala Zombili Festival, Moving Into Dance Mophatong, SABC, CIOFF SA, and IOV (UNESCO)


15 JUNE- 11 JULY 2010

Celebrating our story through the history of indigenous music and dance

In a unique effort to promote South African indigenous music and dance, Johannesburg’s forefront cultural organizations join forces to bring you The African Music and Dance Expo at Daphne Kuhn’s Old Mutual Theatre on the Square.

For the first time ever in South Africa, Mzansi Traditional Orchestra, The African Cultural Heritage Trust, Zindala Zombili African Music and Dance Festival, Moving Into Dance Mophatong, SABC, CIOFF SA, and IOV (UNESCO) are collaborating and establishing a central hub for arts and culture.

Starting from the 15th of June, and supporting Drum Cafes Drumstuck which runs at the theatre from June 8th, these groundbreaking and internationally renowned South African organisations will offer their resources to the public in an effort to create awareness and preserve our cultural heritage. The expo will offer South African’s and all foreign visitors the opportunity to:
  • See traditional South African instruments used within many African tribes
  • Listen to one of the greatest collections of South African music, sounds, and voices from the archives of SABC’s media libraries
  • View an exhibit and learn about the 11 African tribes of South Africa and their influences on our music, dance, and cultural identity
  • Attend talks about the development of traditional music and dance in South Africa
  • See excerpts from mainstream performances by Moving Into Dance, Zindala Zombili, Mzansi Traditional Orchestra, and Matsamo
  • Learn to play a Marimba
The project is being spearheaded by South Africa’s leading names in the field of arts and culture, namely: George Mxanda, Warren Lieberman, Cian Mc Clelland, John Sithole, Sylvia Glasser, and Jan Lombard

Each a pioneer in their own right and deeply dedicated in the promotion of authentic African music and dance throughout the world, these influential figures have marked our South African artistic identity with radical and contemporary styles. In their commitment to nurturing professional talent, empowering communities through their outreach programs, and providing educational centers for disadvantaged and unemployed youth, these leaders have established companies renowned for their originality and diversity.

Together, these Johannesburg based organisations have broken the cycle of poverty for hundreds of people in South Africa, created a range of possibilities for our future in arts and culture, and produced work of international acclaim.

Indeed, there has never before been such an occasion to witness the coming together of such expertise. Now, for the first time, these premier organizations bring you, The African Music and Dance Expo, a touching and informative experience which sets out to rediscover Africa’s unique musical and dance legacy in a celebration which is less about the past and more a vote of confidence in our future.

Lieberman says, “The aim is to set up a centre of information where people from all over the world can learn and ask questions about our music and cultural heritage. We want to show what these vital companies have done to preserve our South African roots and develop our cultural identity. In this way we hope to generate support for our arts industry and sustain its future”.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to explore the power, range, depth, and rhythms of our people’s ethnicity.

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