Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SABC TRC CD collection – an oral memoir of the truth and reconciliation commission

In anticipation of UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on 27 October, the SABC Radio Archives share a product from the Archives. A 6 CD set called  called south africa’s human spirit – an oral memoir of the truth and reconciliation commission.

This six-hour documentary transports the listener through raw sound to the unprecedented public hearings at which survivors - victims, perpetrators and others – testified about gross human rights abuses since 1960.
SABC Truth and Reconcilaition CD
It contains award-winning and brand new radio stories with lots of gripping and contextual sound. Well-known musicians, storytellers, poets, former political prisoners, exiles and most of the Truth Commissioners thread the story of South Africa's past with music, song, poetry and commentary.
This oral record aims to preserve for posterity the rich gamut of viewpoints, memories and emotions of South Africa's history - apartheid and democracy. Another aim is to make it accessible to individuals, schools, centres of higher learning, libraries and human rights organisations world-wide. The production was made possible with a grant by the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (Norad).

Production scripts and sound from the TRC recordings are available on the website, or a CD set can be ordered as well!

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