Wednesday, July 13, 2016

SABC Media Libraries in support of Woodside Sanctuaries for Mandela Day

Mandela Day is coming up again on 18 July this year.
The SABC will  mark Mandela Month and the Nelson Mandela International Day with a number of planned events with the hashtag #bemoreMadiba

SABC Media Libraries are once again collecting necessities for Woodside Sanctuary.
Their needs are even more pressing than before. Woodside Sanctuary looks after the profoundly intellectual disabled.

This is a list of items that would be of great assistance to Woodside:

•    Adult – Sizes: S, M, L, XL
•    Children: size 6 and up

Toiletries - Any and all toiletries are always of great assistance to Woodside especially:
•    Aqueous cream
•    Soaps (like dettol or protex)
•    Shampoos
•    Roll on deodorant
•    Toilet paper
•    Tissues
•    Vaseline

Another option would be items for their nursing staff such as:
•    Disposable Gloves
•    Plastic Aprons

Woodside Sanctuary are also experiencing a crisis with regards their Laundry. They have three large industrial washing machines of which one has been in disrepair for many years, so the ladies in the laundry have been using only two machines to wash up to 1500 nappies a day as well as all the dirty clothing from all 5 of our wards. The third machine has packed up as well which has left them with a crisis. As a registered Non-Profit organisation, Woodside simply does not have the funds readily available to replace this R167 000.00 piece of essential equipment.

Woodside Sanctuary has a donation page, as well as a number of events coming up to help them.

Ways to help:

A night with the Stars

Sponsor a resident

Get a MySchool Card

Run for Woodside

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