Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mandela Day 2014 in the SABC Media Libraries

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This is a special time of the year for the SABC Media Libraries when Mandela month and Mandela Day on 18 July come around.

The SABC Media Libraries have large collections of books, newspaper and magazine articles (SABC Information Library), as well as audio material on Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (SABC Radio Archives). The Libraries and Archives are getting a great number of requests for information on the Great Man, as well as requests for audio to be used in broadcasts for Mandela Day by the SABC radio and television producers and journalists.

The SABC has a number of projects planned to celebrate Madiba month, while the SABC Media Libraries will also do their 67 minutes (#Do67Minutes) at Woodside Sanctuary again this year.

Justice Leshilo, Reference Librarian in the SABC Information Library, did an interview on Channel Africa last week about creating awareness about Nelson Mandela.

The SABC Information Library has been been sharing some of their collections on Facebook:

The SABC Record Library shared the following:

The SABC Radio Archives also shared this on Facebook:

Post by SABC Radio Archives.

The SABC Media Libraries will be doing their 67 minutes on Friday.

The SABC Media Libraries will be doing their 67 minutes on Friday.

Check out some suggestions on the SABC website and SABC Facebook on how to get involved.

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