Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In Memoriam: Paddy O'Byrne

“He is a compulsive extrovert, a compulsive (and brilliant) talker, raconteur and broadcaster” (SABC Bulletin 1968), and indeed, Paddy O’Byrne will be remembered as such.  He was born the son of an Irish Supreme Court Judge, and came to South Africa in 1961, where, after winning the Voice of South Africa competition, he excelled in the broadcasting industry.  He will probably be best remembered as Mark Saxon of No Place to Hide, one of the longest running serials on Springbok Radio.  He started with Sunday at Home, and will also be remembered for Twenty One and The Quiz Kids.   He also served Springbok Radio as Assistant Production Manager.  Paddy had the wonderful ability to make everything passing his vocal chords interesting.  Someone remarked that he could easily read a telephone directory in an exciting manner.  He could make the news interesting as was hear in Deadline Thursday Night, and loved interviewing people – testimony has it that he had a wonderful talent for getting people to talk. 
Springbok Radio Revisited wants to thank Paddy for the wonderful Springbok Radio memories he helped create.  He will be missed, but will live on in sound at the SABC Radio Archives.
May his family and friends find peace in knowing that he warmed many hearts.

-Retha Buys 

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  1. Brings back many memories. I wish all the old SABC programs are made available. There is no reason to keep them from the public.


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