Friday, November 2, 2012

Springbok Radio #2 - News AND comedy

A series of blog posts focusing on Springbok Radio, the SABC's first commercial radio station, that was broadcasting from 1950-1985 before it was closed.

The sound and the memories lives on through the listeners, and through the dedication of the Springbok Radio Preservation Society by way of Frans Erasmus.

This dedication is passionately shared by the Springbok Radio custodian in the SABC Radio Archives, Retha Buys, who took over the collection, and ensure a two-weekly six-hour stream of Springbok Radio gems.

Link to the digital audio stream: Springbok Radio Revisited

The two following visual canvasses are from the most recent UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2012 exhibition at SABC:

- Springbok Radio was a constant source of news and actuality.

"The SABC was also committed to bringing
current, timely, interesting and in-depth news
in various programmes, like
"Deadline Thursday Night" and
through regular news bulletins."

- Springbok Radio also made sure that the listeners were entertained.

"The Pip Freedman Show, Taxi &
Next Stop Makouvlei as well as
The Men from the Ministry"

The most recent stream includes an episode of the regular comedy Taxi:
Taxi: Agatha & Rupert, by Joe Stewardson (1972/01/23)

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Springbok Radio content on canvasses by Retha Buys, custodian of Springbok Radio.

Blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.

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