Monday, November 7, 2011

Pops Mohamed Music Project for the San at SABC Platfontein

Pops Mohamed in the SABC Platfontein studio
Moshe Maghundu, Librarian/Archivist at SABC Platfontein, reports about the Pops Mohamed Music Project.

Pops Mohamed is a local South African musician championing the African music culture through the use of indigenous African musical instruments.
Pops Mohamed being interviewed

"Update on the good things that are happening here at SABC Platfontein:
The studio at SABC Platfontein
We started with a music project with Pops Mohamed. He is training us on how to use the studio system to produce music tracks to record the culture and music of the San people.
It is like a dream coming true. 

I remember Rena and me running around to look for a sponsorship for the local upcoming artists of Platfontein to have a studio where they can record their own music.
Pops Mohamed answered the call. 
We have a studio facilities today and I believe that our music [music of the San] will soon be available.
We were able to record a track was composed the same day. I personally loved the mixing part. 
 It is wonderful to see the impact an individual can have in a person's life.
The San has access to music facilities in order to tell the rest of South Africa our own stories through music.
I am so inspired through everything Pops Mohamed is doing for our community, and it’s my prayer that the Almighty will use him to bring development among the voiceless." 

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