Thursday, August 18, 2011

Experience of a Knowledge Café at KMUK11 #KCafe

WordItOut word cloud of Knowledge Café quotes
A most recent Knowledge Café which was facilitated by David Gurteen. #KCafe @DavidGurteen

Some of the quotes that came out in the Knowledge Café presentation:

Business is a conversation
Conversation is a meeting of minds
KM is about understanding
Conversation is our most effective KM tool
Conversation is a learning technology
                                                                                      (see the WordItOut word cloud above)

Gerald Meinert wrote about his experience of the Knowledge Café in a blog post, which can be read here:
One step beyond: KMUK11 - Knowledge Cafe: Having a cafe after the desert makes some sense, and the second good news: this time it was not in the virtual coffee-corner...

Our own Knowledge Café called LibCafé is upcoming on 30 August, and we are busy preparing the presentations and formulating the questions. Our topic will focus around social media in the SABC Media Libraries.

Do any of you have practical advice?
How do we get to a question that will spark the most debate?


  1. Is it debate we want in a knowledge cafe or conversation, dialogue? Debate is argumentative, you're wrong, I'm right. Conversation is about "this is my opinion" without being judged. I hope for conversation. What do you think?


  2. Debate is never mentioned with regards a knowledge café.
    Conversation is what we want to achieve!
    Even the WordItOut word cloud on top threw out Conversation as the most important!
    Thanks for the comment!


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