Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interview with the Personal Assistant to the Manager of the Media Libraries: Porcia Ntozini

Porcia Ntozini, PA to the Manager of the SABC Media Libraries
The Media Libraries is an information hub for the SABC and was formed by bringing together relevant sections in 1996 to provide content and information to Radio and TV, both audio and print.
Porcia Ntozini is the PA to Ilse Assmann, the Manager of the SABC Media Libraries, since 2008. The Media Libraries at this stage consists of the SABC Radio Archives, the SABC Music Library, the SABC Record Library, the SABC Information Library and SABC Audio Restoration. Porcia attends to all these departments’ administrative needs as well!

Please give us a short overview of your life and career. (Where you grew up, where and what you studied and your work experience before you joined the SABC Media Libraries)

I was born in (Tladi) Soweto.
I attended my schooling in Soweto.
After obtaining my matric certificate I went to Lesley Carnelly Business College to study Business Skills in which I excelled.
 I was one of the 10th students which were selected for Internship with big Organisations like SABC, ESKOM, and ERNEST & YOUNG etc.
So that’s how I joined SABC as a young lady in 1994 as an Intern at Protection Services. I am now married with 3 children.
I managed to get a permanent post at Protection Services as a Clerk.
Later in years I was the Secretary of the department until 2008.
In March 2008 I was appointed at Travel Office as a Finance Administrator but I didn’t stay long.
In December 2008 joined Media Library as An Administrator.
In 2010 I enrolled with UNISA to study Purchasing & Supply Management programme which I obtained the certificate for; I am so proud of myself.

Please tell us about a normal day in your office.

I have to answer phones promptly and professionally and take messages and direct calls.
The smooth running of the office, typing, travel arrangements, processing payments, loading requests and reservations are also part of my daily assignments. I have to arrange meetings and take and distribute minutes. I look after the processing of special leave and sundry debtors. I am liaising with staff all the time.

How do you cope with handling the different sections in the Media Libraries?

By treating everybody equally and attending to their queries or needs as promptly as I can.

Do you have any issues with regards technical difficulties?
Not really we have a SAP help desk & consultants who looks after the systems.

Do you have an interesting anecdote about your work her in the SABC Media Libraries during your years here at the SABC?

When I joined the Media Libraries I found that there were outstanding payments for different supplies. The reason was SABC introduced a new system called SAP which was new to everybody so most of the process was not correctly done on SAP.
It was very interesting to listen to the managers’ frustrations. I was in charge of correcting the process on SAP, to make sure that all outstanding payments were paid. That helped me to improve my knowledge on SAP.

Tell us why you enjoy doing the work that you do.

I love working with SAP.
I enjoy liaising with people which is part of my work.
I have a passion for procurement and it is part of my work. That is why I enjoy my work!

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Questions and blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.


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  7. Porcia is the best when it comes to work and personal issues. She is an inspirational person truly.


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