Friday, April 23, 2010

Soccer in the SABC Radio Archives

The audio material on soccer within the SABC Radio Archives dates back to the 40’s. We have commentary and interviews from South Africa’s 1947 soccer tour to Australia. The Springboks, as the South African national soccer team was known then, won all the tests on that tour. The audio quality is not good at all but the historical significance outweighs the quality issues by far.

One of the most interesting interviews is with the former South African soccer player, Steve Kalamazoo Mokone. This interview was done by the RSG soccer commentator, Johann Russouw. Mokone was the first black South African soccer player to play for an international soccer club in the late 1950’s.

Those who can still remember the Castle Cup can also listen to the 1964 final between Durban City and the Jewish Guild.

These days the Radio Archives soccer collection has grown a lot and matches are broadcast each weekend. Every match that is broadcast by the SABC is available in the Radio Archives collection shortly after broadcast.

All 64 of the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches will be broadcast by Radio 2000 and most of the PBS Radio Services, and Radio Archives will be preserving each and everyone.

Johann Greyling, SABC Radio Archives

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