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Intern in the SABC Radio Archives: Mbali Jezile - an interview

Mbali Jezile
SABC Radio Archives
The SABC Radio Archives has acquired the services of four interns since March of this year. The interns are here for a couple of months to acquire valuable skills, but also to help with the workflows in the SABC Radio Archives.

Mbali Jezile, the intern, has a National Certificate Vocational in Information Technology.

Questions addressed to the intern to understand the type of skills that they have to offer, but also get a better understanding of what they are doing here in the SABC Radio Archives.

Please tell us about your personal history as well as your studies. How did you become an intern here at the SABC?

 I was born and raised in Soweto at Diepkloof. I am currently living In Orange Farm South of Johannesburg with my Grandparents and I’ am a sister of two. I have always been passionate working in the media related field. I’ve obtained a National Certificate vocational in IT. I heard about an internship in my previous college. I applied in God’s favour I was one of the successful candidate.

What does your job entail here at the SABC?

My job as an intern requires me to be given mini disks by an archivist for dubbing, setting audio levels and editing into DALET system. Up to now I have been dubbing for NEWS ACTUALITY and IKWEKWEZI FM audio materials which will be used for cataloging, and preserved for rebroadcasting.
I also print CDs and do air checks for RSG, SA FM and METRO FM and then file them in sequence at the backlog for permanent storage.

What have you learned already while you have been here?

Honestly I must say as an individual who has less knowledge in sound, I have learned so much.
I have learnt to operate in DALET; recording from a mini disk machine into DALET system; how to edit; set audio levels; listening and selecting relevant information and saving in a required format.
I have also learned how to print disks using solution canon menu software, and doing air checks.
I know how valuable those records are for the archivist.

What suggestions do you have for us with regards the preservation and digitization of our audio collections?

I think the server can be used for backup. The server can store information and backups are electronically transferred each day and can be access immediately when necessary. 

Please tell us of any interesting anecdote or funny story with regards your internship here at the SABC

I remember when I got a call from our mentor Thembi telling me I was one of the interns who made it through. I was excited up to the point that I even misunderstood the date, and I came the day before, only to find out I was supposed to come the following day. I was so *embarrassed*! Luckily I was not the only one who misheard the date but with one of the interns, who is now my colleague and friend (Nokuthula). We both had a great laugh about it.  

What are you planning to do after this?

I am hoping to acquire a great deal of knowledge and work experience and adopt skills provided and put in practices in any media or technology related company. I also want study web design in my part time.

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Questions and blog post by Karen du Toit, Afrikaans Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives.

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