Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time again for Follow a Library Day tomorrow on 1 Oct #followalibrary

The yearly Follow-a-library campaign with the hashtag #followalibrary is on again for tomorrow.
The campaign was reignited by the International Librarians Network which posted about Library Advocacy & Lobbying: #FollowaLibrary Day (International)

David Green (@dpgreen), Children's and Youth Librarian from Australia, posted a guest post about the Twitter campaign on ILN: Libraries and Social Media: Follow a Library Day

"Join Us for #followalibrary Day on October 1st! 
Are you passionate about promoting your library? Do you need to escape the echo chamber and reach people from other industries, and non-users? Does your library do or have something that may surprise people? Make sure you get behind #followalibrary Day! At a minimum, you and your library service will get more followers.

This online event runs all day on October 1st.
It’s a marketing, advocacy, networking free-for-all; a drop-in, casual twitter chat that feels like a group hug. Everyone everywhere can participate, and with steering committee members from South Africa, the Netherlands, and Australia, it’s truly an international affair. 
How to play:
• Add #followalibrary to your tweets
• Follow @followalibrary for discussion topics and questions
• Watch the stream by searching #followalibrary
This year we’ll tweet topics and questions from the @followalibrary account with a #librarysurprises focus.
 The idea is to spread the word about innovative, out-of-the-box library programs, resources, and work practices, that users and non-users may be surprised to learn we do."

Follow the SABC Media Libraries here!






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Blog post by Karen du Toit.

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