Monday, October 1, 2012

Follow a library day today #followalibrary

@Followalibrary on Twitter
It is again time for libraries worldwide to connect and to follow each other, and to share their collections with the world.

The #followalibrary team is going strong, and the blog post can be read here:
Join ons on #followalibrary day 2012 on Oct 1st

They have an awesome video up  by David Green and the Shelharbour Libraries (@sclibs) on the blog, but you can check it on YouTube as well: #followalibrary day... so follow 

David Green says the following about #followalibrary day:
"funtastic folk will be tweeting the AWESOMENESS of libraries and using the hashtag #followalibrary. We’ll be tweeting about reading, creating, playing, communicating, learning, sharing & all the other excellent stuff we do in libraries. It’s such a cool way to spread library love" 

If you are not yet following the SABC Media Libraries, as well as our different sections on Twitter, please do so today:

SABC Media Libraries on Twitter:

@SABCMediaLib on Twitter

SABC Information Library: @SABCInfoLib

SABC Radio Archives:         @SABCRadioArc

SABC Music Library:             @SABCMusicLib

SABC Record Library:            @SABCRecordLib

SABC Audio Restoration:      @SABCAudioRest

A special shout-out to all South African libraries as well. Please let us know that you are taking part, and we will gladly follow you back!

Happy #followalibrary day!

Blog post by Karen du Toit @karentoittoit

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