Monday, May 12, 2014

Interview with an intern in the SABC Radio Archives: Akhona Quwe

SABC Radio Archives has acquired the intern services of Akhona Quwe, a qualified sound engineer.

The intern will be here for 8 months to acquire valuable skills, but also to help with the workflows at SABC Radio Archives.

Questions are asked to understand the type of skills that she has to offer, but also to get a better understanding of what she is doing at SABC Radio Archives.

Please tell us about your personal history as well as your studies. How did you become an intern here at SABC?

I grew up in family with quite a number of children; from my twin, to our brother and sister who are also twins. I was born and raised in Eastern Cape where I studied and passed my matric. Becoming an intern was quite a process to acquire in-depth knowledge about the operational workings at the SABC. I first become a learner in Port Elizabeth and after a period of internship, I was  recruited in the SABC Radio Archives.

What does your job entail here at SABC?

Ingestion of sound from backlog mini discs to Dalet, labeling of CDs and DVDs, recording on Wavelab , and editing on Dalet and Wavelab.

What have you learned already while you have been there?

How to ingest sound in the archives and how to label CDRs and DVDs. 

Tell us of any interesting anecdotes story with regards to your internship.

I am quite reserved but I do visit people to seek assistance when I get confused but as for any funny stories I have not experienced any yet.

What are you planning to do after this?

To get a job as an archivist and to further my studies.

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