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The burial service of Oom David Kruiper, Andriesvale, Kalahari

Saturday 30th June 2012

Compiled by Moshe Maghundu, librarian/archivist of  X-K FM community station which broadcasts in !Xu and Khwe from SABC Platfontein.

"It was a historic burial service for a Bushman, something that was not recorded before in Bushman’s history. David Kruiper was honoured and recognised by the government. He always had to fight with the government for recognition of his leadership.

At the funeral Oom David Kruiper was called the Giant, the lion of the Kalahari and Wise One.
Oom David Kruiper was involved with the land issue for his people. He even went to Geneva to seek for help in this regard. He hiked to Cape Town to speak to the government about the land issue.
According to the family, oom David Kruiper was a “mense se leier” (leader of the people), a person who was open for any advice, and a person who was not authoritarian in his dealings with other people.
Moshe Maghundu interview with the family of David Kruiper
The area where oom David Kruiper lived is very poor. He always addressed these issues with the government for assistance.
Interior of David Kruiper's house
I was so privileged that the family took me in the house where Oom David Kruiper lived to take some photos. The family want that the truth about Oom David is told.
Moshe Maghundu interviewing Oom Jan
Oom Jan told me that none of the good things he heard today about David is true. He had a long relationship with David, since childhood, and had never seen David to be the Giant or the Lion. These names should be used for people with high stature, and David wasn’t that; he was always down to earth, equal with his community.
Oom David Kruiper's house
The family of David Kruiper pointed out that the local community of Andriesvale area does not have the following: water points, a preschool, clinic or a shelter. The community has to walk 15-17 km to Ashkam for medication. The family are grateful to the government for the burial service, but feel that some of the contribution should have gone to the community.
The day ended of a respected man of the San in history, which will forever be told."
SABC Kimberley/Platfontein was there to cover the burial service.
Thanks to Ilse, Bennie and Neels for their support in recording the story of David Kruiper."
                                                                                    - Moshe Maghundu
Moshe Maghundu

Moshe Maghundu is busy cataloguing the material he recorded about David Kruiper, and the categories are:
  • The burial service audio (6 hours audio) 
  • Different interviews 
  • Photos

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