Thursday, October 8, 2015

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2015 on 27 October

Once again awareness needs to created about the dire situation of the world-wide audiovisual heritage!

The slogan of this year's World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is:

"Archives at Risk: Protecting the World's Identities"

The world’s audiovisual heritage of sound recordings and moving images are extremely vulnerable as a result of factors ranging from neglect, natural decay to technological obsolescence, as well as deliberate destruction. 
Consequently, UNESCO has made it part of its mission to raise public consciousness of the importance of preservation of these recordings through the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. 
In adopting 27 October as the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, UNESCO, in cooperation with the Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) and other institutions, has helped to raise the profile of the issues at stake and focus global attention on the fragility of this heritage. 
                                                          - UNESCO Woprld Day for Audiovisual Heritage 

The countdown has begun!
Today is 19 days away from the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2015!

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