Monday, April 29, 2013

23 Mobile Things - There is always something more to learn

For those who are interested to use their mobile smartphones or their tablets optimally, or who wants to know how to get into the world of social media, this is your chance!

The Australian and New Zealand librarians have teamed up to make it possible through the 23 mobile things course by Jan Holmquist.

ANZ 23 Mobile Things 

The best news! You don't have to be from Australia or New Zealand to take part in this initiative.
You can sign up from anywhere in the world!

It is also a free course!

They are starting this week with introductions and with a quick survey to measure what is being learnt.

It is also never too late to start participating in this course.

All that is needed is to sign up with a name, email and country. As easy as that.
You can also follow the course on your computer or laptop.

The course will run from May to November 2013, and each week will cover a mobile Thing to master as set out in the original 23 Mobile Things blog

23 Mobile Things

  1. Twitter
  2. Taking a photo with a mobile device:  Instagram / Flickr app / Snapchat
  3. eMail on the move
  4. Maps and checking in
  5. Photos + Maps + Apps: Historypin / What was there / Sepia Town
  6. Video: YouTube and screencasts
  7. Communicate: Skype / Google Hangout
  8. Calendar
  9. QR codes
  10. Social reading: RSS / Flipboard / Feedly / Goodreads / Pocket
  11. Augmented reality: Layar
  12. Games: Angry Birds / Wordfeud
  13. Online identity: FaceBook and LinkedIn
  14. Curating: Pinterest / / Tumblr
  15. Adobe ID
  16. eBooks and eBook apps: Project Gutenberg / Kindle / Overdrive / Bluefire / Kobo, etc.
  17. Evernote and Zotero
  18. Productivity tools: Doodle / Remember the Milk / Hackpad / /  30/30
  19. File sharing: Dropbox
  20. Music: / Spotify
  21. Voice interaction and recording
  22. eResources vendor apps
  23. Digital storytelling

Your most pressing questions about the course are addressed here: FAQ.

The timetable is available: Timetable

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(Graphic: Courtesy Micosoft Clip Art: "Mobile")

Blog post by Karen du Toit, Archivist in the SABC Radio Archives, who will be taking part from South Africa.

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