Thursday, November 18, 2010

SABC Radio Archives on Twitter – follow up on #followanarchive day

Follow an Archive
The SABC Radio Archives (@SABCRadioArc) took part in the initiative of #followanarchive day on Twitter last Friday, the 12th October 2010. This initiative with the hashtag #followanarchive was first spotted on Twitter as well.

I wrote a blog post about Follow an Archive Day before the day to encourage participation, and tweeted about it, as well as communicated it on our Facebook SABC Radio Archives pages.

It was a great day seeing the tweets coming in from all over the world, and all the Archives taking part.
We had an exceptional response. I have been checking back every day, and keep on following the archives through the #followanarchive initiative.

Since last Friday we got 30 followers, and we are now following 54 more Archives or related Tweeters.

It was not only very informative about the types of Archives that exists all over the world, but also to be able to link up with each other in this medium.

I have come to realize the rich source of information that is available on Twitter for us as Archivists. It is information that is immediate and interactive.

The best part of the day: It was great fun!

Thank you Follow an Archive project leaders: Charlotte, Bente, Poulus and Anneke! You have done a great job. I hope it will become a yearly initiative as well!

Please follow us if you have not done it yet:!/sabcradioarc

Karen du Toit
Afrikaans Archivist
SABC Radio Archives

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